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Recognizing a lack of unity in our Christian community, The Nehemiah Foundation is working with ministries and churches to create an overarching strategic Christian vision for the Springfield and Clark County. We serve as a neutral convener for the Body of Christ to come together on common ground.The challenges in our community would be daunting to face alone. But together we can identify and prioritize how to address these needs as a community. Nehemiah provides thought leadership for the Christian community on how to respond to these concerns.

The Nehemiah Foundation provides insight into these concerns through the following ongoing activities:

-Defining a Christian community vision
-Researching and evaluating the most pressing needs in our community
-Identifying best practices and opportunities to address these needs
-Creating a network of churches and ministries
-Providing support and connections for local Pastors
-Hosting Prayer gatherings for civic, business, education, and nonprofit leaders


  • 25 Years of Service in Clark County
  • Uniting 50 local churches for cooperative community impact
  • Partnering with 30 local faith-based nonprofits
  • Providing an online community portal for strategic communication